video part

Head Coach Christine Savage's Full Video Part from Winter 2016-17

From street rails to powder lines, BTBounds Head Coach Christine Savage does it all! Her full part from 2016-17 just dropped on, featuring footage from Too Hard and Powanoia. Enjoy and stay tuned for more from this Savage in the fall when the new movies drop! Filmed by Kieth Rutherford and Sam Tuor. Edited by Kyle Beckman.

Coach Madison Blackley's 2016-17 Full Video Part from Too Hard, The Univited, and Powanoia

To say that Madison Blackley had a busy winter last year would be an understatement, but this talented wunder-rider and video part veteran was up for the challenge! During the 2016-17 season, Madison logged clips for not one, not two, but three film crews: Too Hard, The Uninvited, and Powanoia. And now, in one chock-full full part, here is Madison's winter. Stay tuned, because this SLC native will be releasing new parts next fall!