What We're Listening to: Jackie Lammert's Winter Playlist


Ever wonder what some of your favorite female boarders have in their headphones when they're dropping in? For many of us, a steady stream of jams is a winter necessity, whether it's for the drive to and from the mountain or while taking runs. It's always nice to find new music, so we are tapping the BTBounds coaches to share what they are currently listening to. First up is Michigan native, Jackie Lammert! If you’ve seen Jackie snowboard, you know that she’s got quite the bag of tricks, as well as some of the smoothest style around. Check out some of the songs that keep her motivated on and off the snow, so you can add to your personal soundtrack for the upcoming season.

“Here are my current and some old favorite songs in no apparent order!" says Jackie. "I love all of these songs for boarding, but they work for chilling or working out, too!!”

To make it even easier to stack your own playlists, we have create a Beyond the Boundaries account on Spotify. Listen here.