Frequently Asked Questions - Snowboard Tours

What level of riding is necessary to go on a tour?

What if I've never ridden powder before? Or I've ridden a little, but I'm not very confident?

I feel very confident riding powder and I'm experienced and capable in a variety of terrain. Will the group be able to keep up with me?

How do you manage groups with varying ability levels?

What types of certifications do your guides and coaches have?

I've never been in the backcountry before. Will I be comfortable on the trip?

I have a lot of backcountry experience. Will I be too experienced for the trip?

I don't have my own backcountry gear (beacon, probe, shovel), what should I do?

How many days will we snowboard on the Japan trip?
We plan to snowboard for 5 days on the 9-day: Niseko to Tokyo tour and 5 days on the 8-day: The North Island tour with the sixth day built in for weather/rest/activities. We are dependent on weather for any changes that arise, but January in Japan is generally a very dependable time to snowboard!

Why is there a rest/activity/weather day included in the trip I'm interested in?
Of course we want to maximize our time riding while we're in Japan, but we have to be prepared in case Mother Nature has other plans. During the 8-day: The North Island trip, we have 6 days built in for riding, but one of the days is a weather/rest/activity day. If we encounter a storm that inhibits the resorts from operating or makes riding dangerous or impossible, then we are able to enjoy off hill activities (like exploring a local snowboard museum/shop, Japanese whiskey tasting, shopping, 99 yen store, onsen, etc). If the weather is great for the entire trip, we know that it can be tiring on our bodies to ride from open-to-close for six days straight, which is why one day we allow ourselves to take a breather and let our muscles recover while we do other awesome things! If you do want to ride that day, freeriding is also an option on your own! It's all about options and we will decide depending on conditions which day is the down day and what activities the group is interested in participating in.

Where do we stay? Can I reserve my own room?

What do we eat? What if I have allergies and/or dietary restrictions?

What time should I book my tickets to arrive?

Do I have to pay for the whole trip or camp upon booking?

Are there refunds or cancellations?

Is it customary to leave a tip for guides and coaches?