Beyond the Boundaries weekend camps are freestyle-focused experiences perfect for all abilities of snowboarders. If you have never been in the park before, our staff of seasoned coaches will be there every step of the way as you hit your first box. Familiar to the park and looking to add to your bag of tricks? We got you, girl! We will help you step to street-style rails, perfect your front three, or master switch Euro-carving and on-trail tripods. At each resort, BTBounds is lucky to have our own private park with beginner-to-intermediate sized jumps, box, rails, and more that are perfect for every level of rider to learn new tricks.

Professional snowboarders and coaching staff are there at every turn to provide guidance and advice. Learn from Olympians, video part veterans, and other accomplished women who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to every weekend camp.

During each camp, building confidence is emphasized as we're all learning together. Broken into half-day sessions, BTBounds instills skills from each basic area of snowboarding during the first three sessions--jumping, jibbing, transition (halfpipe), and all mountain--specific to your level of riding in order to provide a well-rounded base on which to build. On Sunday afternoon, because we understand that snowboarding is a very individual pursuit and everyone comes to camp with personal goals, we offer coached stations that each rider can choose from to dial in their favorite tricks.

full winter 2018-19 schedule.